• K3V180DT Excavator Hydraulic Pump VOLVO EC360 Hydraulic piston pump plunger pump
  • K3V180DT Excavator Hydraulic Pump VOLVO EC360 Hydraulic piston pump plunger pump
  • K3V180DT Excavator Hydraulic Pump VOLVO EC360 Hydraulic piston pump plunger pump
K3V180DT Excavator Hydraulic Pump VOLVO EC360 Hydraulic piston pump plunger pump

K3V180DT Excavator Hydraulic Pump VOLVO EC360 Hydraulic piston pump plunger pump

Product Details:

Place of Origin: QingDao
Brand Name: Crystal
Certification: ISO9001 / EN ISO 12100 / OHSAS 18001 / SGS
Model Number: K3V180DT

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Sets
Price: Reconsideration
Packaging Details: Wood case
Delivery Time: 3-5days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1000 Sets/month
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Detail Information

Product Name: Excavator Hydraulic Pump Brand Name: Crystal
Application: Excavator Machine Model: K3V180DT
Warranty: 1 Year Delivery Time: Within 3 Working Days
Package: Wooden Box

Product Description


Product Description

Product name

K3V180DT Excavator hydraulic pump

Applicable model


Chinese brand, crystal 
New, We produce ourselves
Displacement 180
Rated Pressure (MPa) 35.3
Maximum Pressure (MPa) 39.2
Rated Speed (rpm) 2500
Maximum Speed (rpm) 2800
Minimum Speed (rpm) 600
Oil Temperature Range (℃) -20 ~ +80
Hydraulic Oil Viscosity Range (mm²/s) 10 ~ 75
Maximum Flow Rate (l/min) 450
Input Power (kW) 109
Output Power (kW) 86.6
Efficiency (%) ≥ 85
Gear Pump Type Dual Axial Piston Swash Plate Gear Pump
Drive Mode Hydraulic Drive
Hydraulic drive systems for excavators, loaders, and other  machinery
Direction of turning Right-handed rotation
Net Weight 170KG
Payment term
TT bank transfer, Western Union,L/C
Warranty time
12 months
Delivery time
Have in stock, within 3-5 days to ship out it


Composition and principle of hydraulic pump

Component composition:
Excavator hydraulic pump is the core component of excavator walking system, which is composed of many important components to realize the conversion and transmission of hydraulic power. The following are the main components of the hydraulic pump of the excavator:
Hydraulic pump housing: The hydraulic pump housing is the housing of the hydraulic pump, which carries all the internal components and ensures the sealing and stability of the hydraulic system.
Plunger assembly: The plunger assembly in the hydraulic pump is composed of a plurality of plungers and plunger bushings, through which the plunger reciprocates in the casing to achieve the pressure conversion of hydraulic oil.
Swash plate: The swash plate in the hydraulic pump is a component fixed on the plunger assembly, and the flow and pressure changes of hydraulic oil are realized through the rotating movement of the swash plate.
Gear assembly: Gear assembly is the driving part of the hydraulic pump, composed of gears and bearings, etc., by driving the rotation of the gear, drive the work of the hydraulic pump.
Oil inlet and outlet: The oil inlet is used to introduce hydraulic oil, while the oil outlet outputs the hydraulic oil after pressure conversion to transfer power to other components of the hydraulic system.
How it works:
The working principle of excavator hydraulic pump is to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy through the flow and pressure conversion of hydraulic oil, and transfer it to other parts of the hydraulic system, so as to realize the power transmission of the excavator walking system. The following is the working principle of the hydraulic pump of the excavator:

Oil inlet stage: When the hydraulic pump is working, the hydraulic oil enters the plunger assembly of the hydraulic pump from the oil inlet. The plunger assembly rotates with the swash plate so that the plunger reciprocates in the plunger sleeve.
Pressure transition phase: With the reciprocating movement of the plunger, the hydraulic oil creates a pressure change between the plunger and the plunger casing. When the plunger moves from the low pressure area of the plunger casing to the high pressure area, the hydraulic oil is compressed to form the high pressure oil. Conversely, when the plunger moves from the high pressure area to the low pressure area, the hydraulic oil releases pressure.
Output stage: After pressure conversion, high-pressure oil is output from the oil outlet of the hydraulic pump and transferred to other components of the excavator hydraulic system, such as hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors, to realize the walking and operating actions of the excavator.
Continuous work: The hydraulic pump continuously circulates the oil intake, pressure conversion and output stages to continuously provide power for the excavator and ensure its efficient and stable operation.
The synergistic effect of the component composition and working principle of the hydraulic pump of the excavator enables the excavator to show excellent performance in the construction of the project and complete various tasks flexibly and efficiently. As a key component of excavator walking system, the stable operation of hydraulic pump is of great significance to the safety and work efficiency of excavator.


Hydraulic pump use process

Excavator hydraulic pump is one of the core components of excavator, responsible for providing power and energy to drive various movements of the machine. The correct operation of the hydraulic pump is crucial to the performance and life of the excavator.
Step 1: Check the hydraulic fluid
Before operating the hydraulic pump, first check the oil level height and quality of the hydraulic oil. Make sure that the oil level is in the right position, and check that the oil is clean and there are no impurities. If necessary, replace or add hydraulic oil in time to ensure that it is within the specified working range.

Step two: Preheat
Start the engine of the excavator and allow it to preheat for a period of time to ensure that the temperature of the hydraulic oil gradually rises to fully lubricate and protect the normal work of the hydraulic pump.

Step 3: Operate the lever
Put the excavator operating control lever in neutral position to ensure that all hydraulic control valves are in a neutral position. This will ensure that the hydraulic pump will not be subjected to excessive load when starting, helping to extend the service life of the pump.

Step 4: Start the hydraulic pump
Slowly turn the hydraulic pump switch from "off" to "On". At this time, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the hydraulic pump is operating normally and whether there is abnormal sound or vibration. If abnormal conditions are found, the pump should be stopped immediately and the cause of the problem should be checked.

Step five: Adjust the pump working pressure
According to the actual needs, gradually adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic pump. Ensure that the working pressure of the pump is within the set range to obtain the best working performance.

Step six: Observe the hydraulic system
During the operation of the hydraulic pump, always pay attention to the working state of the hydraulic system. Ensure that the hydraulic oil is kept at the appropriate temperature and pressure, and watch for signs of oil leakage. If any abnormal situation is found, check and repair it in time.

Step 7: Stop the hydraulic pump
After the end of the excavation work, the hydraulic pump switch should be turned back from the "on" position to the "off" position to stop the pump. At the same time, put the operating lever in neutral to return the hydraulic system to neutral.

Hydraulic pump of excavator is the key working part of excavator. The operation process of hydraulic pump is related to the performance and life of excavator. Through the correct hydraulic pump operation process, the safe and efficient operation of the excavator can be ensured, while extending the service life of the hydraulic pump, reducing maintenance costs and improving work efficiency. Therefore, every staff operating the excavator should be familiar with and follow the operating procedures of the hydraulic pump, so as to achieve scientific operation and careful maintenance. This will help improve work efficiency, ensure work safety and achieve better work results.


Product application range

The Excavator hydraulic pump K3V180DT is an excellent hydraulic power unit known for its high performance and reliability. The hydraulic pump is widely used in various excavators and construction machinery to provide a powerful power source
1. Construction Projects:

K3V180DT hydraulic pump plays an important role in the field of construction engineering. It provides stable hydraulic power for excavators, enabling them to carry out various engineering tasks such as earthwork excavation, foundation construction, and building demolition. Whether in urban construction or rural construction, K3V180DT hydraulic pumps show excellent performance and promote the progress of construction projects.

2. Mine Engineering:

Excavator hydraulic pump K3V180DT performs well in mine engineering. It provides powerful hydraulic power for excavators, enabling them to mine ore and dig mines under complex mine geological conditions. The high performance and stable reliability of K3V140DT hydraulic pump provide an important guarantee for the efficient development of mine engineering.

3. Agricultural field:

K3V140DT hydraulic pumps also play an important role in the field of agriculture. It provides powerful hydraulic power for agricultural machinery such as excavators and loaders, enabling them to operate efficiently in fields preparation, crop harvesting and other operations. The efficient performance of K3V180DT hydraulic pump improves the working efficiency of agricultural machinery and helps the modern development of agricultural production.

4. Oilfield Development:

In the field of oilfield development, excavator hydraulic pump K3V180DT plays an important role. It provides powerful hydraulic power for the excavator, so that it can operate flexibly in the complex oilfield geological environment, carry out oil well drilling, oilfield facility construction and other work. The reliability and efficiency of K3V180DT hydraulic pump provide a stable power guarantee for oilfield development.

5. Project Construction:

Excavator hydraulic pump K3V180DT plays an important role in all kinds of engineering construction. It provides efficient hydraulic power for excavators to promote the smooth progress of engineering tasks such as earth excavation, roadbed construction and foundation treatment. K3V140DT hydraulic pump has shown a variety of application scenarios in the field of engineering construction, and has become an indispensable power source for construction machinery.

Excavator hydraulic pump K3V180DT with its high performance, reliability and wide applicability, has become an excellent representative in the field of excavators and construction machinery. Its products cover construction engineering, mining engineering, agricultural fields, oilfield development and engineering construction and other fields, providing a powerful source of power for all kinds of engineering tasks, and promoting the continuous innovation and progress of construction machinery.






Technological advantage

K3V180DT Excavator Hydraulic Pump VOLVO EC360 Hydraulic piston pump plunger pump 0


Excavator hydraulic pump is the core component of excavator walking system, and its performance and quality directly affect the work efficiency and safety performance of excavator. Among the many hydraulic pump manufacturers, our company stands out with technology leadership and excellent quality.
First, technology research and development team:

We have a technical research and development team composed of hydraulic technical experts, engineers and technicians. The team members are experienced and constantly follow the latest developments in the field of hydraulic technology. They are committed to R&D innovation, optimization of design, and continuous innovation to meet the diverse needs of customers.

2. Advanced technology and equipment:

We use the most advanced technology and equipment in the production of hydraulic pumps. Automated production lines and advanced processing equipment ensure the precise processing and high quality manufacturing of hydraulic pumps. The precision production process and strict quality control process ensure that every hydraulic pump meets the high standard of quality requirements.

Third, quality management system:

We have established a sound quality management system, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality management system requirements for management. From raw material procurement to manufacturing, and then to the finished product, every link is strictly inspected and tested. Quality is the lifeline of our enterprise, we always put quality in the first place.

Fourth, product development and innovation:

We continue to carry out product research and development and innovation, launched to meet the market demand of new hydraulic pump products. Our technical research and development team continuously improves existing products and develops new technical solutions to improve the efficiency, stability and durability of hydraulic pumps. Our products not only meet the needs of the domestic market, but also export to all over the world, winning a wide range of international recognition.

5. Customer customized Services:

We provide customized services, according to the specific needs of customers and engineering requirements, tailor-made hydraulic pump products. Our technical team will work closely with our customers to provide professional advice and advice to ensure the best hydraulic pump solution for our customers.

As an excavator hydraulic pump manufacturer, we have won extensive market recognition and customer trust by relying on leading technology, advanced equipment, strict quality management system, product research and development innovation and customer customized services. We are always committed to providing customers with excellent quality hydraulic pump products, constantly improving product performance, and contributing our strength to the optimization and upgrading of excavator walking system. We firmly believe that through continuous innovation and the pursuit of excellence, our company will continue to maintain a leading position in the field of hydraulic pumps and make greater contributions to the development of the industry.



K3V180DT Excavator Hydraulic Pump VOLVO EC360 Hydraulic piston pump plunger pump 1

Our products are in line with international standards and have obtained the Chinese quality trust unit


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If you have more needs, we can also provide you with customized services, our products are under continuous development to ensure the continuous needs of customers.


Our Services

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your interest and trust in our hydraulic walking device products and services. We are a company specializing in the production of high-quality hydraulic walking devices and have accumulated years of experience and technical expertise in this field. Our products are not only reliable in quality, but also perform well in terms of performance, safety and durability.

Our service concept is customer-centric, with the goal of meeting customer needs, adhering to the service philosophy of "integrity, professionalism, efficiency, and innovation", and always maintaining communication and exchange with customers to ensure customer satisfaction and trust. Our team is composed of experienced, skilled, and enthusiastic professionals who provide customers with comprehensive service support, including:

1. Customization of products: We can provide customers with customized hydraulic walking device products tailored to their needs and requirements to ensure that the products meet the customer's usage and environmental requirements.

2. Technical support: We have a professional technical team that can provide customers with technical support for product selection, installation and commissioning, maintenance and other aspects to ensure that customers can use our products smoothly.

3. After-sales service: We provide 7x24-hour after-sales service to ensure that customers can get timely solutions to any problems encountered during use.

Our products have been exported to overseas markets and have won unanimous praise from customers. We believe that through our professional technology and high-quality services, we can become your trusted long-term partner.

If you have any needs or questions about our products and services, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the best service and support and look forward to working with you!


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1, Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company? A: We are a manufacturer of quality final drives located in Qingdao National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone with 14 years of production experience .

2. Q: What is your company size ?
A: Ours factory covers an area of 70,000 square meters with 120 employees . Turnover of 2019 is 20 million USD .

3, Q: What certificate do you have? A: ISO9001 / EN ISO 12100 / OHSAS 18001 / SGS

4, Q: How long is your delivery time? A: We keep stock for conventional products . New orders to produce takes about 20 days. Customized products takes about 40 days .

5, Q: What kind of payment terms do you accept? A: T.T. / DP at sight / LC .

6, Q: What is your warranty policy?
A: All our products are warranted for one full year from date of delivery against defects in materials and workmanship.



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