Excavator Final Drive Motor PC150 DH150 SK140  Hydraulic Travel Motors

Excavator Final Drive Motor PC150 DH150 SK140 Hydraulic Travel Motors

Product Details:

Place of Origin: QingDao
Brand Name: Crystal
Certification: ISO9001 / EN ISO 12100 / OHSAS 18001 / SGS
Model Number: LTM22

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Sets
Price: Reconsideration
Packaging Details: Wood case
Delivery Time: 3-5days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1000 Sets/month
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Detail Information

Product Name: Excavator Travel Motor Assy Brand Name: Crystal
Application: Excavator Machine Model: LTM22
Warranty: 1 Year Delivery Time: Within 3 Working Days
Package: Wooden Box
High Light:

Excavator Final Drive Motor PC150


Excavator Final Drive Motor DH150


Excavator Final Drive SK140

Product Description

Excavator Final Drive PC150 DH150 SK140 HD450 XE150 Hydraulic Travel Motors


Product Description



Product name

Exacavator travel motor

Applicable model

Final Drive PC150 DH150 SK140 HD450 XE150 SWE150 YC135

Chinese brand, crystal 
New, We produce ourselves
Hole of frame Φ16*20
Hole of sprocket Φ16*15
Dia of frame 324
Dia of sprocket 364
Gross Weight 165KG
Package size 46*46*55
Payment term
TT bank transfer, Western Union,L/C
Warranty time
12 months
Delivery time
Have in stock, within 3-5 days to ship out it


Product parameter diagram:

Excavator Final Drive Motor PC150 DH150 SK140  Hydraulic Travel Motors 0

Product advantage

As a leading manufacturer of excavator walking equipment in the industry, we uphold the concept of continuous innovation and high quality, and are committed to providing customers with excellent products and services. Here are some of the benefits of our products that will make you stand out in all types of engineering projects:

1. Advanced technological innovation: We have a passionate and creative R & D team, constantly pursuing technological innovation and breakthrough. By introducing the latest design concepts and engineering techniques, our excavator walking devices are always at the leading edge in terms of performance, durability and safety.

2. Extreme stability: We pay attention to detail and design and manufacture the components of each excavator walking device. Optimized structural design and precision manufacturing process ensure excellent stability of products under various complex working conditions, providing reliable support for your engineering projects.

3. High durability materials: We choose high-quality materials, through strict selection and testing, to ensure that the excavator walking device under high load work to maintain excellent durability and life, reduce the frequency of equipment maintenance and replacement, to save you cost and time.

4. Exquisite manufacturing process: We advocate the spirit of artisans, the use of exquisite manufacturing process, pay attention to every detail, to ensure that each product meets the strict quality standards. From raw materials to production processes, we strictly control to provide customers with excellent quality excavator walking devices.

5. Customer customized services: We fully understand the unique needs of each customer, provide customized design and manufacturing services, according to the requirements of different engineering projects, tailor-made suitable excavator walking devices, to ensure the best match and maximize benefits.

6. Perfect after-sales support: We have established a perfect after-sales service system to provide customers with timely technical support, repair and maintenance guidance to ensure that your excavator walking device maintains efficient operation during use.

7. Continuous innovation and development: We continue to invest resources in research and development and innovation, pay attention to the development trend of environmental protection and intelligence, and are committed to providing customers with more competitive excavator walking devices to help you achieve greater success in the industry.

To sum up, our excavator walking devices with advanced technology, stable performance, durable quality and personalized service, to provide strong support for your engineering projects, to help you achieve more efficient and safer construction and development. Choose us, choose excellence!


Product features and working principle


Excavator walking device has strong power output characteristics. Using advanced hydraulic transmission technology, it can efficiently convert hydraulic energy into mechanical power, providing a strong driving force for the excavator. Whether in hard rock formations or muddy construction sites, the walking device can provide stable power output to ensure efficient driving of the excavator in a variety of complex terrain.

The excavator walking device also performs well in handling performance. Its precise hydraulic control system and intelligent operation panel enable the excavator to achieve accurate steering and smooth start and stop. The driver only needs to touch the button or the operation lever on the control table to achieve forward, backward and steering operations, improving the flexibility and efficiency of the operation.

The durability and reliability of the walking device are also one of its product characteristics. Using high-strength alloy materials and advanced sealing technology, the walking device can work in harsh environments for a long time without damage. After strict quality control and comprehensive testing, it ensures stability and reliability, greatly reducing maintenance costs and repair frequency.

The working principle of the excavator walking device is based on the efficient collaboration of hydraulic transmission and torque conversion. Hydraulic transmission transmits power through the liquid medium, converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, and promotes the movement of the walking device. At the same time, the torque conversion device inside the walking device can adjust the output torque and speed, so that the excavator can maintain stable driving performance under different working conditions.

The working principle of the excavator walking device also involves intelligent control and precise adjustment. Using advanced electronic control system, the walking device can monitor the working state and driving speed in real time, and maintain the best driving performance of the excavator under different working conditions by automatically adjusting the hydraulic flow and pressure.


Product operation methods


Excavator is an important engineering machinery, the correct operation of its walking device is the key to ensure safety and improve efficiency. The following is a guide to the operation of excavator walking devices to help you properly operate excavators in a variety of engineering environments to ensure the safe and smooth completion of work tasks.

1. Preparation: Before operating the excavator walking device, make sure you have made the necessary preparations. Check the condition of oil, fuel and lubricants to make sure they are adequate, and check the condition of tires or tracks to make sure there are no abnormalities.

2. Start the excavator: Turn on the main power supply and start the engine. After starting, wait for a period of time for the engine to reach the appropriate operating temperature before starting the walking operation.

3. Operate the cab: Enter the cab, fasten the seat belt, adjust the seat and mirror to ensure a good view. Familiar with the various controls in the cab, including throttle, brake, transmission, etc.

4. Start the walking device: Operate the control lever to start the walking device, and choose forward, backward, left or right turn according to the need. At the beginning, slowly press the accelerator to make the excavator start smoothly.

5. Control the speed: adjust the throttle to control the speed. In narrow or complex site environments, speed should be reduced to maintain safe operation.

6. Steering operation: Use the steering control lever to gently push the rod to achieve steering. Be aware of your surroundings when turning to avoid collisions with obstacles.

7. Brake operation: When it is necessary to stop the excavator from walking, release the accelerator and gently press the brake pedal to make the excavator slow down and stop smoothly.

8. End of work: After finishing the work, park the excavator on a stable ground, switch the walking device to the stopped state, turn off the engine, and take safety protective measures, such as locking the door to ensure the safety of the excavator.

9. Regular maintenance: regularly check the status of the walking device, including tracks, tires, lubricating oil, etc. If any abnormality is found, timely maintenance and replacement should be carried out to ensure the normal operation of the traveling device.

Please be sure to operate the excavator walking device according to the above operation method guide, and strictly follow the safe operation procedures to ensure the safety of your working environment, the stable operation of the equipment, and the smooth completion of the project task.



Our advantage

Excavator Final Drive Motor PC150 DH150 SK140  Hydraulic Travel Motors 1

In modern engineering construction and mining, excavator hydraulic walking device, as one of the key technologies, plays a decisive role in the performance and efficiency of mechanical equipment. This article will introduce you to a leading manufacturer of hydraulic walking devices for excavators, reveal its technological advantages, and how it continues to lead the industry through advanced technology.

Has a professional research and development team, composed of engineers and technical experts. The team members have rich industry experience and deep technical skills, and are committed to continuous exploration and innovation to promote the progress of industry technology.

In the production process, the enterprise uses advanced manufacturing processes and equipment to ensure product quality and stability. The exquisite processing technology and strict quality control process make the hydraulic walking device produced by it have the characteristics of high efficiency, durability and reliability, and meet the needs of various complex working conditions.

The company has been committed to technological innovation and application, and constantly improve product performance and functions. The introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with their own research and development capabilities, launched a number of hydraulic walking device products with independent intellectual property rights. These innovative technologies provide excavators with higher driving speeds, more flexible handling and lower energy consumption, bringing significant production and economic benefits to users.
Enterprises continue to optimize and improve products, pay close attention to user needs and feedback. At the same time, we provide high-quality pre-sales consultation and after-sales service to solve technical problems for users and ensure stable operation of equipment. This professional service concept and continuous optimization attitude has won the trust and praise of our customers.



Excavator Final Drive Motor PC150 DH150 SK140  Hydraulic Travel Motors 2

Our products meet international standards, is a national key enterprise in China, we will be more advanced products to the world, service customers all over the world.




More products Show

Excavator Final Drive Motor PC150 DH150 SK140  Hydraulic Travel Motors 3

If you have more needs, we can also provide you with customized services, our products are under continuous development to ensure the continuous needs of customers.


Delivery and logistics


Net weight 165KG
Package wooden
Mode of transport By sea, by air
Payment term TT bank transfer,L/C
Warranty time Half a year
Delivery time Have in stock,within 3-5 days to ship it out


Our Services

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your interest and trust in our hydraulic walking device products and services. We are a company specializing in the production of high-quality hydraulic walking devices and have accumulated years of experience and technical expertise in this field. Our products are not only reliable in quality, but also perform well in terms of performance, safety and durability.

Our service concept is customer-centric, with the goal of meeting customer needs, adhering to the service philosophy of "integrity, professionalism, efficiency, and innovation", and always maintaining communication and exchange with customers to ensure customer satisfaction and trust. Our team is composed of experienced, skilled, and enthusiastic professionals who provide customers with comprehensive service support, including:

1. Customization of products: We can provide customers with customized hydraulic walking device products tailored to their needs and requirements to ensure that the products meet the customer's usage and environmental requirements.

2. Technical support: We have a professional technical team that can provide customers with technical support for product selection, installation and commissioning, maintenance and other aspects to ensure that customers can use our products smoothly.

3. After-sales service: We provide 7x24-hour after-sales service to ensure that customers can get timely solutions to any problems encountered during use.

Our products have been exported to overseas markets and have won unanimous praise from customers. We believe that through our professional technology and high-quality services, we can become your trusted long-term partner.

If you have any needs or questions about our products and services, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the best service and support and look forward to working with you!


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Whatsapp:8619554163292 8615805343909



1, Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company? A: We are a manufacturer of quality final drives located in Qingdao National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone with 14 years of production experience .

2. Q: What is your company size ?
A: Ours factory covers an area of 70,000 square meters with 120 employees . Turnover of 2019 is 20 million USD .

3, Q: What certificate do you have? A: ISO9001 / EN ISO 12100 / OHSAS 18001 / SGS

4, Q: How long is your delivery time? A: We keep stock for conventional products . New orders to produce takes about 20 days. Customized products takes about 40 days .

5, Q: What kind of payment terms do you accept? A: T.T. / DP at sight / LC .

6, Q: What is your warranty policy?
A: All our products are warranted for one full year from date of delivery against defects in materials and workmanship.



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