• Industrial Excavator Control Valve Hydraulic Parts Distributing Valve
  • Industrial Excavator Control Valve Hydraulic Parts Distributing Valve
  • Industrial Excavator Control Valve Hydraulic Parts Distributing Valve
Industrial Excavator Control Valve Hydraulic Parts Distributing Valve

Industrial Excavator Control Valve Hydraulic Parts Distributing Valve

Product Details:

Place of Origin: JAPAN
Brand Name: Hitachi
Certification: ISO9001 / EN ISO 12100 / OHSAS 18001 / SGS
Model Number: ZX200-3/6

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Sets
Price: Reconsideration
Packaging Details: Wood case
Delivery Time: 3-5days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1000 Sets/month
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Detail Information

Product Name: Excavator Multiway Valve Brand Name: Hitachi
Application: Excavator Machine Model: ZX200-3/6
Warranty: Original Without Warranty Delivery Time: Within 3 Working Days
Package: Wooden Box
High Light:

Industrial Excavator Control Valve


Excavator Control Valve Parts


Distributing Control Valve Hydraulic

Product Description

Hitachi Exacavator Hydraulic Contorl Valve ZX200-3/6 Distributing Valve

Product Description

Product name
Excavator contorl valve
Scope of application
Construction machinery
Video outgoing-inspection
Machinery Test Report
Marketing Type
New Product 2023
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Crawler Excavator
1 Piece
Alloy Steel
High Guarantee
Wooden Case Packing


Product features and working principle

As one of the core components of hydraulic system, excavator hydraulic distribution valve has important functions and functions. It can precisely control the hydraulic flow direction and pressure, and realize the coordination and efficient operation of various actions of the excavator.
Product features:

Precise control: Excavator hydraulic distribution valve has the ability to accurately control hydraulic flow and pressure. Through flexible design and high-quality manufacturing process, the distribution valve can ensure the accurate flow of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system, so as to achieve efficient and accurate control of the excavator's movements.
Stable and reliable: The hydraulic distribution valve adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing process, and has good pressure resistance and wear resistance. Its stable and reliable performance enables the excavator to run smoothly under complex working conditions and effectively improve the service life of the equipment.
Multi-functional application: The hydraulic distribution valve can realize the configuration of different hydraulic systems through a variety of combinations, suitable for all kinds of excavators and construction machinery. It can be used for the basic action control of excavators, such as digging, unloading, turning, etc., and can also be applied to other construction machinery, such as loaders, bulldozers, cranes, etc.
High efficiency and energy saving: The distribution valve plays the role of shunt, speed regulation and pressure regulation in the hydraulic system, and it can reasonably distribute the hydraulic system according to the actual working conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving. At work, the hydraulic system only provides the required hydraulic energy, avoiding the waste of energy and improving work efficiency.
How it works:

Excavator hydraulic distribution valve realizes hydraulic flow and pressure control through solenoid valve, hydraulic spool, spring and control rod and other components. When the control rod or joystick is operated, the hydraulic spool is acted by the control signal, driven by the electromagnetic force, so that the spool moves, thereby changing the channel of the valve, and realizing the distribution of hydraulic flow and the regulation of pressure.

For example, when the excavator needs to realize the digging action, through the operation of the control rod, the distribution valve will guide the hydraulic oil to the hydraulic cylinder, so that the piston of the hydraulic cylinder is extended, so as to realize the digging action. When the digging action is complete, the control lever returns to the neutral position, and the distribution valve guides the hydraulic oil back to the tank, completing the operation.

Excavator hydraulic distribution valve has become an indispensable core component of excavator hydraulic system with its advantages of precise control, stability and reliability, multi-functional application and high efficiency and energy saving. It ensures that the excavator runs smoothly under various complex working conditions, and provides a reliable guarantee for the efficient operation and stable performance of construction machinery. We will continue to be committed to technological innovation and quality optimization, to provide users with more excellent excavator hydraulic distribution valve products, help the project unlimited expansion!

Product operation manual

Thank you for choosing our excavator hydraulic control valve products! In order to ensure that you can correctly operate the hydraulic control valve during use and ensure the efficient operation of the hydraulic system, we have prepared this operation manual for you. Please read this manual carefully before use, and perform operation and maintenance according to the guidance.

1. Hydraulic control valve overview

The excavator hydraulic control valve is the key component of the excavator hydraulic system, which is responsible for controlling the hydraulic flow direction and pressure, adjusting the working state of the hydraulic system, so as to achieve the precise control of various actions of the excavator.

2. Safety precautions

Before operating a hydraulic control valve, be sure to follow the following safety precautions:

Make sure the excavator is in a safe and stable working condition and stop the engine.
When inspecting and maintaining the hydraulic control valve, close the main valve of the hydraulic system and ensure that the hydraulic pressure has been released.
When operating the hydraulic control valve, do not touch the hydraulic valve or its nearby moving parts with your hands to avoid accidental injury.
When operating hydraulic control valves, focus on the job and avoid distraction or fatigue.
3. Operation method of hydraulic control valve

Before starting the excavator, ensure that the following steps have been completed:

Turn on the main power supply of the excavator and confirm that the hydraulic oil level is within the normal range.
Check the hydraulic oil temperature to ensure that it is within the normal operating temperature range (usually -20°C to +80°C).
Start the engine and let it warm for a period of time until the hydraulic oil temperature rises to the normal working range.
Operating hydraulic control valve:

According to the actual work requirements of the excavator, the control rod or button on the hydraulic control valve is operated to control the hydraulic flow direction and pressure.
In the operation process, pay attention to the working state of the hydraulic system, such as hydraulic pressure, flow and other parameters, to ensure that it operates within the normal range.
If you find that the hydraulic control valve is abnormal or the hydraulic system has a problem, please stop using immediately, and check and repair.
4. Maintenance method of hydraulic control valve

Regular maintenance of the hydraulic control valve can ensure its normal operation and extend its service life. Here are some suggested maintenance methods:

Check the seals and connectors of the hydraulic control valve regularly, and replace them in time if they are damaged.
Clean the hydraulic control valve regularly to avoid sediment and debris entering the valve body, affecting the flexibility of the valve.
Pay attention to the cleaning and replacement of hydraulic oil to ensure that the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system meets the specified quality standards.
Check and adjust the hydraulic control valve regularly to ensure that it operates in normal working condition.
Thank you for reading our Excavator Hydraulic control Valve operation manual. If you encounter any problems in the process of use, please contact us in time, we will be happy to provide you with technical support and service.

Wish your excavator work smoothly, safely and efficiently!


Product application range

Excavator hydraulic distribution valve is a key hydraulic control device, widely used in all kinds of excavators and construction machinery. Its excellent hydraulic control performance and flexible design make it play an important role in the following areas:

Construction site: excavator hydraulic distribution valve is an indispensable part of the construction site. It can control the movement of the excavator's arm, bucket rod, bucket and other actuator, realize the excavation, loading, unloading and other work, and greatly improve the working efficiency and flexibility of construction machinery.
Mining: In mining operations, excavator hydraulic distribution valves play a key role. It can realize the complex actions of excavators, such as unloading, cleaning gravel, blasting excavation, etc., to help improve the efficiency of ore mining and reduce manual labor intensity.
Urban construction: excavator hydraulic distribution valve plays an indispensable role in urban construction. It is widely used in infrastructure construction, road construction, bridge repair and other projects, providing strong support for urban development and improvement.
In the agricultural field, excavator hydraulic distribution valves are often used in agricultural excavators and loaders. It can help farmers to achieve land consolidation, water irrigation, stacking and other operations, improve agricultural production efficiency.
Landscape: excavator hydraulic distribution valves also play a role in landscape design and construction. It can control the action of the excavator, complete the laying, renovation and greening of the garden, and create a beautiful and pleasant park and garden.
In general, the use of excavator hydraulic distribution valves is very wide, covering almost all the fields of construction machinery that need hydraulic control. Through precise hydraulic control, it provides a reliable guarantee for the efficient operation and diversified operation of all kinds of construction machinery, and has become an indispensable technical support in the field of modern engineering construction and production.


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Delivery and logistics


Net weight 180KG
Package wooden
Mode of transport By sea, by air
Payment term TT bank transfer,L/C
Warranty time Half a year
Delivery time  Have in stock,within 3-5 days to ship it out


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1, Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company? A: We are a manufacturer of quality final drives located in Qingdao National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone with 14 years of production experience .

2. Q: What is your company size ?
A: Ours factory covers an area of 70,000 square meters with 120 employees . Turnover of 2019 is 20 million USD .

3, Q: What certificate do you have? A: ISO9001 / EN ISO 12100 / OHSAS 18001 / SGS

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5, Q: What kind of payment terms do you accept? A: T.T. / DP at sight / LC .

6, Q: What is your warranty policy?
A: All our products are warranted for one full year from date of delivery against defects in materials and workmanship.



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